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HealthSpark is a Hospital Management System made in partnership with Doctors and Healthcare Professionals that streamlines the complete process with complete Efficiency and Ease of use. Manage Patients and their History, Doctor Referrals, Transactions, and Business Analytics.                                                                                          To Find out more about HealthSpark please Contact Us


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LabSpark features an Industry Leading LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software) that digitalizes your laboratory. With an easy-to-use User Interface that is Dynamic and Smart for all your needs. Register Patients, Track Lab and Business Reports, and Various Analytics.                                                                                                                                                              To Find out more about LabSpark please Vist the LabSpark website


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EduSpark is a Management Solution for the complete needs of School and College. Monitor Student and Faculty attendance.              To Find out more about EduSpark please Contact Us