HealthSpark - Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System provides you Fast, Safe and Effective information sharing across the entire hospital process and fully customizable to your specific requirements and can scale to address expanding and multi-site hospital organizations. More than that, it is a system for connecting your analyzer equipments, producing results and recording statistics for routine tasks.

Our solutions are designed to help you improve organizational efficiency and provide the highest standards of safety and quality. Manages the complete workflow of all quality data in the lab and on the production line: samples, analyses, instruments, reports and lab personnel qualifications.

Solution Overview

Patient Registration & Billing

  • Improve your billing and payment processes
  • Enter patient demographics and insurance information
  • Auto generate unique patient id for each patient
  • Tracking of multiple visits
  • One-point capture of all patients details
  • Search using multiple criteria
  • Track patient flow through your department
  • Improve data entry with easy to use, intuitive and non-complicated screens
  • Manage separate price list, packages for each insurance company off-site hospital
  • Patient payment details

Patient Sample & Reporting

  • Powerful reporting
  • Define individual routine templates for recording results
  • Improve your sample management with Barcodes efficiently
  • Find patient records and blood preserves quickly
  • Display and integrate result graphics into reports
  • Identify and correct errors early with integrated alerting function
  • Configure sample collection and report printing individually
  • View a patient’s record and track samples from every department
  • Received and dispatch sample from off-site laboratories efficiently
  • Add electronic signature to a report
  • Print reference ranges base on age and gender
  • Keep track on repeat tests of each patient
  • Produce accurate and timely test reports
  • Streamline your test ordering and result processing
  • View or print visit wise patient report for a particular test

User Access Control

  • All processes on systems are known through the user authentication
  • Secure online access to patient, off-site laboratories and physicians
  • Manage invoicing and billing online
  • Direct booking of test online by patient authorized users
  • Inform report, payment status to patient by SMS
  • Send reports to view, download or print easily by authorized patients, referring physicians online
  • Create users access rights with administrator only

Manage Inventory

  • Track every aspect of inventory used for patients
  • Reconcile item counts with what's actually on hand
  • Receive automated reminders when stock drops below a predefined level
  • Manage purchase and issue Items as per indent
  • Automate monitoring of items for expiring products
  • Return stock to suppliers
  • Supplier management and payments
  • Stock purchase through enquiry generation

Manage Accounts

  • Quickly records bills, expenses and keep a record of every spending
  • Track payments for purchase invoices and quick review on which one paid or not
  • Categorize your expenses and helps you identify where you have been spending
  • Track the status of billable, unbilled expenses, invoice and reimbursement
  • Record and monitor multiple bank accounts transaction like checks, deposits, fund transfers

Business Analysis & Statistics Reports

  • Analytics is built on a powerful, easy to use, reporting platform, so you can decide
    what data you want to view and customize your reports, with just a few clicks.
  • Utilize over 100 standard reports
  • Result Activity Report - (Show test wise result in Excel format)
  • Outstanding Specimen/Test Report
  • Inventory Usage, Purchase or Return Report (Item wise)
  • Print or Export of all data