ClinicSpark - Clinic Management System

A Comprehensive Cloud-base application includes Financial information, Pharmacy and Laboratory. Secure online access of patient Clinical records anytime, anywhere. Manage and inform appointments, follow-up status of patients to doctors by E-mail, SMS.

It is easy to learn and implement so that you can focus on providing quality care for your patients instead of paperwork.

Patient Registration & Billing

  • Enter patient demographics and insurance information
  • Auto generate medical record number for all patients
  • Maintains patient health record and billing information for each visit
  • Search using multiple criteria
  • Send accurate bills to insurance companies quickly
  • Manage separate Price list, Packages for each insurance company

Appointments and Scheduling

  • It's easy to keep track of appointment and follow-up of all physician in one place
  • Booking of multiple slots for patient in different departments
  • Manage daily appointment and follow-up consultant doctors efficiently
  • Inform Appointments, Follow-up status to Patients and Doctors by E-mail, SMS alerts
  • Online patients referrals and consultation to other physicians
  • Appointment Cancellation or Rescheduling

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • Secure online access of medical records to patient, physicians
  • Records patient assessment and treatment plan
  • Keep track of Health History, Medication, Allergies, Immunization, Vital Signs
  • Immediate view of Laboratory, Procedure reports and Medical images
  • ICD-10 Codes for diagnosis and clinical findings with pre-define templates
  • Receive reminders of patient care events
  • Manage patient care transfers or request for consultations with physicians

Physicians Login

  • Secure online access
  • Access patient records across multiple sites
  • Keep track patients appointments, follow-up online
  • Receive appointments, follow-up status of patients by e-mail, SMS alerts
  • Order or View of Laboratory test, Radiology, Procedure reports and Medical images
  • Print patient prescription, assessment and treatment plan
  • Share relevant patient information with other physicians for opinion
  • Manage patients scheduled for surgeries
  • View patient Medical history, Medication, Allergies, Immunization, Vital Signs
  • Add Electronic signature for prescription

Laboratory Management

  • Powerful reporting
  • Define individual routine templates for recording results
  • Improve your sample management with barcodes efficiency
  • Print reference ranges base on age and gender
  • Find patient records and blood preserves quickly
  • Receives and dispatch samples from off-site laboratories efficiently
  • Keep track on repeat tests of each patient
  • Send reports to view, download or print easily by authorized patients, referring doctors thru online

Pharmacy and Inventory

  • Track every aspect of inventory used for patients
  • Provides complete list of available drugs
  • Manage outpatient pharmacy sales, purchase and expiry of items
  • Uses stocks based on their batch no, manufacture and expiry date.
  • Keep track of damage items
  • Reconcile item counts with what's actually on hand
  • Receive automated reminders when stock drops below a predefined level
  • Automate monitoring of items for expiring products
  • Return stock to suppliers
  • Track supplier and manufacture information of stocks

User Access Control

  • Assign individual doctors, staff logins
  • Define user security profiles to allow access to appropriate information and transactions
  • All processes on systems are known through the user authentication
  • Secure online access of medical records to patient, physicians
  • Provision to authorize observing, changing, approving and generation of reports
  • Create users access rights with administrator only


  • Quickly records bills, expenses and keep a record of every spending
  • Track payments for purchase invoices and quick review on which one paid or not
  • Categorize your expenses and helps you identify where you have been spending
  • Track the status of billable, unbilled expenses, invoice and reimbursement
  • Record and monitor multiple bank accounts transaction like cheques, deposits, fund transfers

Business Analytics

  • Drive operational efficiency and viability with robust reporting capabilities and analytics
  • Track payments for purchase invoices and quick review on which one paid or not